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    Here, you can download a research dataset of historical fact checks and access the data feed of fact check markups created via the Google Fact Check Markup Tool. Both follow the ClaimReview open standard.

    Research Dataset

    The research dataset is a compilation of historical structured markup of fact checks, which follow the schema.org ClaimReview schema, from select fact checking articles on the web. The field "url" points to the original fact checking articles. The content of the fact checking articles is not part of the download file, and it resides on the publishers' sites.

    Download Research Dataset

    Fact Check Markup Tool Data Feed

    This is a data feed of ClaimReview markups created via the Google Fact Check Markup Tool. The data in the feed also follows the schema.org ClaimReview standard, namely the same schema as the data in the historical research dataset. The feed itself is in DataFeed format. The compilation of the research dataset and the data feed from the Fact Check Markup Tool are licensed under CC BY. The license on the structured data of each ClaimReview markup is specified in the field sdLicense. Additionally, each publisher may have their own license terms for content on their website. Please refer to the website of the publisher.

    Data Feed: Latest version


    Please refer to the FAQ or write to factcheck-support@google.com