COVID-19 Special Announcements Data Feed


Q: What is Data Commons? is a collaborative, community initiative with a mission to maintain and provide access to useful structured data on the Internet in an easy to use manner.
Q: What is SpecialAnnouncement?
SpecialAnnouncement is an open standard schema that was designed for organizations, such as governments, health organizations, schools, and more, to publish COVID-19 related urgent announcements that affect schedules and other aspects of everyday life. The announcements include the closure of facilities, rescheduling of events, and new availability of medical facilities (for example, testing centers).
Q: What data is included in the data feed?
This is a regularly updated feed of SpecialAnnouncement markup created in the Google Search Console.
Q: How often will the data be refreshed?
The data feed will be refreshed daily.
Q: Under what license is this data being released?
The license on the structured data of each SpecialAnnouncement markup may be specified in the field sdLicense. Each publisher may have their own license terms for content on their website. Please refer to the website of the publisher.
Q: What if I see some errors in the SpecialAnnouncement structured data?
If you believe the publisher has made the error and you can identify the publisher in the structured data, please reach out to the publisher. If you believe the error was introduced by the data compilation process, please reach out to Data Commons Support.