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    New Source of ClaimReview Markup for Data Commons Feed


    This month, we launched the ClaimReview Read/Write API. Continuing our commitment to continued sharing of data, markup created via this new API will now also be available to Data Commons, joining all ClaimReview markup data created via the Fact Check Markup Tool.

    It will continue to be the case that all data will be in DataFeed format and will be updated on a frequent and regular basis. As noted in our October 2018 post, the meta-data in both datasets follows the open schema.org standard (ClaimReview) that has been adopted by most fact checking organizations and is currently being used by Google News, Google Search, Bing News, Bing Search, Facebook and others.

    Thank you to all the contributors and especially International Fact-Checking Network and Duke Reporters' Lab for their continued partnership.

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